Friday, December 2, 2016


1.    1.
a state of depression.
"I sat absorbed in my own blue funk"
a (state of) depression, a bad mood, a low, the dumps, the doldrums, a blue funk
"he was in a funk because his wife ran out on him"

Maybe I should re-name my Friday blog posts to "Always In A Funk". Seems to be the state of my life lately. It all started with the election. I know I shouldn't let it bother me so much, but REALLY??
What an absolute disaster.

And after that, I had a hard time writing for NaNo. I got behind in word count and gave up.

And, winter is coming. I HATE winter. (I know, I'm yelling a lot - can't help it).

And, I'm bored. With my knee pain, it is hard to do anything except go to work and come home. BORING.

I keep telling myself to do what I can. Write, scrapbook, read, catch up on Netflix. Thing is, when I sit down to do any of that, I end up staring into space and wishing I was somewhere doing something fun.

Yep, I'm definitely in a funk.

I know I'm not the only one. How do you get back on track when your motivation train derails??

Friday, October 28, 2016


Well, it's that time of year again. National Novel Writing Month is nearly here. And, of course, I've signed up. Why? Why? Why? (beats head against desk)

Anybody who reads this blog already knows what NaNoWriMo is. If not here is the link. 

I've failed miserably the last several years. But, so what? That is no reason not to try this year. Yep, I'm a gluten for punishment. And, I'm starting to panic. I have an idea for a story, but since I can't stand to outline, that's about all I have. From past experience, I know at some point, that initial idea will start to wither and die. Usually about 20,000 words in. That's the problem with being a pantser. If the next plot twist doesn't come, you're kind of stuck. 

I already have three unfinished NaNo novels. The one I've been trying to finally complete this year, is going nowhere. I've decided to put it out of my misery. Perhaps it will never get finished. Perhaps it's not meant to be. Maybe this new idea will blossom into a story I can finish and publish. Hope springs eternal and so does insanity. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

FRIDAY STIR FRY - New Directions; Editing; Freelance Writer; Social Media Manager

So, there were a couple of incidents at my day job in the last few weeks that have me contemplating my future. First, the powers that be, fired two people in our office. Snap, just like that. One had been here over 30 years and was the office manager and the other was my best friend. We started here around the same time, sixteen years ago. She worked as the receptionist this whole time. And let me tell you from experience, that is not an easy job. They hadn't done anything wrong. They were scapegoats. Changes are being made, and they were perceived to be in the way of those changes. 

Second, I lost my mind over coffee. You see, the office manager, who is no longer here, always purchased the coffee. Last Thursday, you guessed it, no coffee. I pretty much threw a fit. Apparently, some people didn't appreciate my outburst. Long story short, I got wrote up. Over coffee. I'm drinking tea now, even though they bought coffee. 

What these incidents have told me - no job is safe here anymore. I spent the long weekend trying to figure out how I would live if I got the ax. Of course, I would apply for unemployment, but there are no guarantees I would get that. I would have to withdraw my pension for sure. But what else could I do to try and produce income? 

I really enjoy helping my writer friends edit and proofread their books. I love the idea of helping them make their novels something a reader doesn't want to put down. And they've said I'm good at it. Perhaps freelance writing? I can write, after all. I just need to find paying customers. I wore out You Tube watching people tell me how to do that. Also, the last month, I've been helping a realtor friend of mine with his social media networks. You know, posting on his Twitter and Facebook pages interesting content and working on building his audience. I could do that for others. 

I'll keep my day job, for now, I hope anyway. I don't feel I have any control over that decision any more. But, I also plan on building my path to this new and exciting chapter in my work life. 

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