Friday, September 25, 2020

FRIDAY STIR FRY: Dream Catcher


Dream Catchers

What are dream catchers? The following description is from 

In many Native American tribes, a dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop woven to a web or literally, a net. A dream catcher also includes such features as feathers and beads. They are traditionally suspended on cradles as a form of armor and protection.

I use to have one hanging over my bed. I considered it a protection against nightmares. Who wouldn't  want to have only sweet dreams?  But, if you think about it, life is a mixture of nightmares and sweet dreams. We need both to have balance in our our lives.

There have been reports that during this pandemic, we are dreaming more. I believe it! There is so much new, unpleasant, and unexpected stuff happening now, our brains are on overload. 

Have you ever tried interpreting your dreams? I have a dream dictionary that gives the meanings behind certain visions we have in our dreams. What you think is a deep, dark pit full of snakes, may represent something completely different. Our brain is an amazing machine and I tend to think when we are dreaming, it is just trying to connect the lose dots of our lives.

Next time you wake up from a dream, write it down and see if you can connect some dots. You may just find an answer you've been searching for.  

Thursday, September 3, 2020


 I'm really not one for inspirational messages, but this was one I picked up at a thrift store as I was starting my journey as a writer. Plus, I really liked the picture. Who doesn't love a penguin? This image doesn't do it justice. The colors are deeper and richer than they appear here. 

It says: Courage is daring to take that first step, or a different path. It is the decision to place your dreams above your fears. 

At the time, I was hoping to quit my day job and write novels for a living. That never happened. Let's face it, making a living as a writer is near impossible unless you are Stephen King or Nora Roberts or a celebrity with a tell all book. There just aren't as many publishing houses offering new writer contracts with lucrative advances as there used to be. And being single, I depended on a steady income.

But, I still had the dream of writing and publishing a novel. And against all odds, I did.

 I recently found this picture after unpacking some boxes from my move. I immediately placed it on my desk. I want to write more novels, but somewhere along the line I lost my courage. Now is the time to reclaim it. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Meet Wilson


Say hello to Wilson. He was my buddy during the first couple months of Covid-19 quarantine. 

He was one of my grandson's toys and as far as I know, he had no name. I gave him the name Wilson in honor of the Tom Hanks movie Castaway. Because, I certainly felt like I was lost on a desert island, adrift in a sea of unknowns. The most of which was, when is this going to end? Unfortunatly, we still don't know the answer to that. 

At first when work shut down, I was happy. Didn't have to go to work? Yippee. But as the first month dragged on, it became less of a vacation and more of a jail sentence. I missed my co-workers, (well some of them). I missed the structure of a schedule. 

So, Wilson and I went on a few field trips. We went to the park several times. I took him to the parking lot of my old hangout that was now closed. I showed him the house I grew up in and my elementary and high schools. Somehow getting out of the house, even while staying in my car helped. And, Wilson helped, as crazy as it sounds. He was there. He listened. He looked at me with his big eyes urging me to get out of my recliner and exercise. And, no I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested.

What have you done to make it through this trying time? I would love to know.

Until next week, stay safe and healthy.