Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Stir Fry - Time In a Bottle

Clock 02

I've been thinking a lot about an old Jim Croce song, "Time In a Bottle". If you haven't heard it, I hope you will look it up.  It contains some really profound lines. There never is enough time, is there?

I'm probably feeling this way because I have a birthday coming up. Each one serves to remind me that time is slipping away. And at a rapid pace. The young don't feel this like us old people do. Somebody wise explained it this way: Young people have a shorter span of time to remember, so to them there is still plenty of time to do what they want. Older people have a much larger memory bank and realize they haven't accomplished near enough and they hear the clock ticking at an alarming rate. Or another way to explain it: On a scale of 1 to 10, young people are at a 2 or 3 and older people are at an 8 or 9.

There are days like today, I would love to take a nap. I don't because I want to keep those precious two hours.

But, what can we really do about the slipping minutes. hours and days? Nothing. Father Time marches on with or without us. We should strive to use our time wisely, creatively and gratefully. Or we can sit and fret and worry about things while the clock keeps tick-tocking away.

How well do you use your time? 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Stir Fry - Ramblings

No theme this week, just a bunch of stuff floating around in my little head.

I don't think we're going to have much of a Spring. Seems to be going from snow the first week of May to Summer the last week. Does one month count as a Spring?

My little desk printer died last week. It had a good life, but man I hate to fork over the money for a new one. Bit the bullet today and went to Staples. Actually got a pretty nice one for less than eighty dollars. It scans and copies, too. I've been wanting a scanner for a while to use with my scrap booking. So maybe I should've thanked my little printer before delivering him into the hands of the recycle guy.

Memorial Day is this coming Monday. I usually have flowers bought by now. I go down to the little cemetery in Douglas County east of Mansfield to my mom's family graves. Then a trip to Greenlawn for my dad's family and my mom and dad. Then White Chapel for my ex in-laws. Not sure I'm gonna do any of it this year. Gas prices the way they are pretty much keeps me from driving to Douglas County. And my knees make it hard to walk in a cemetery. I feel a little guilty though, cause I'm the only one left to pay respect.

For the last couple of weeks I've been editing BTH again! I swear this is it. It's either gonna get published after this or go in a drawer. I'm ready to move on.

Okay, my brains empty. Time for a nap. Everybody have a good week!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Stir Fry - What would you do?

Lottery winner

Hi, my name is Wanda and I have lottery fever.

Come on admit it, you do too. Who in their right mind would pass up the chance to become an instant millionaire. Powerball is up to 550 million!!!!! Save your breath, I know the odds are astronomical. I have a better chance of getting run over by a bus or something like that. I don't spend a lot. I do have my limits. Two tickets, that's it. I hold those tickets in my hand and daydream about what I would do with all that money.

"Hi, this is Wanda and I'm too rich to come to work. Take whatever you want from my desk. I can buy more."

"Yes, you heard me right. I'm paying cash for that Cadillac Escalade."

"Sorry landlord, it's been nice, but I'll be moving into that mansion on top of the hill."

"Son, I'm going to pay off all your bills."

And I would write and write and write. Maybe on a beach somewhere. Or a tree house.

What would you do? 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Stir Fry - Blah

TypewriterDid anybody notice I didn't post last week? Please say yes.

Anyway, I had a pity party last week. I believe everyone is allowed one of those once in a while. As long as you don't make a habit of it and become a real Debbie Downer.

Why was I feeling sorry for myself? Several reasons. I received my second rejection letter for Beyond the Horizon. I know that's nothing compared to other writers. We've all heard the story of JK Rowling. And "The Help" was rejected about 60 times. Maybe after the 10th or 20th one I won't feel so bad about the process. Of course all my writer friends congratulated me for at least sending it out there. Whoopee!

Then the weather turned to crap. Friday we had 35 degrees and snow and sleet. Why should that get me down. I HATE THAT STUFF. And to add insult to injury, our work turned off the heat earlier in the week. I literally froze to death at my desk. Turtle neck, sweater, coat and a blanket over my legs. I was not a happy camper.

And probably the most deciding factor in my mood - I'd let my Prozac run out for about 3 days. Not a good idea. My co-workers told me in no uncertain terms to never let that happen again.

But, I'm on the rebound. I'm researching agents and publishing houses and I've got my book with a Beta reader for some feedback. I got my prescription re-filled and the weather has gotten better. And here I am writing a new post.

Here's to hoping when your pity party arrives, it doesn't last long and when you come out the other side, you have re-newed energy and purpose.