Friday, May 22, 2015


So, it's officially the first weekend of summer, or as my ex used to call it, amateur weekend. The time when people who don't normally go to the lake or drive a boat or golf, are out there in mass. The season doesn't really get here for a few more weeks - Summer Solstice has the longest daylight of the year and is the official change from spring to summer. But who cares? School is out in most places and we have a three day weekend. It's time to party!

I did a survey last week asking what is your most favorite summertime activity. The answer was a tie between traveling to new places and inviting people over for a cookout. I would have to chose traveling. Some of my fondest memories are of going to Yellowstone, New York City, Hawaii and Disney World. All very different locals but all hold a unique place in my heart. Plus, as a writer it is important to get out and about, see new places and observe different people. It gets the creative juices flowing.

As we enjoy this long Memorial Day weekend, let us not forget the real reason for this first summer holiday. The brave men and women who served and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy. Bless them all. Go put a flag on a soldier's grave. It will make you feel wonderful and it will be appreciated.

Friday, May 15, 2015


What's out???? The lights, the gas tank, my pet tiger?

No silly. My book Beyond The Horizon is back up on Amazon with a new cover and a whole new attitude. Can't you see it taunting you, tempting you. "Buy me, read me, enjoy me, and then leave a glowing review!

And, hopefully soon, a print copy will finally be born. It's every author's dream to hold her baby in her hands (and not on an e-reader).

Now that my shameless self-promotion is over, let's move on to more enjoyable stuff.

With summer just around the corner, I thought a survey would be fun. You can find it over there on the right. Results will be discussed next Friday.

If you're killing time at work, you might want to visit this page and meet new authors including myself.

Update: I'm over trying to find a new hangout. I've been through the whole loss process. Anger, depression, mourning, etc. I feel much better and less needy. Plus, who knows with the money I save, I may be able to enjoy a summer activity of my own!

Friday, May 8, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Top Ten Reasons To Self-Publish

As I mentioned last week, my publisher closed shop, leaving me with three options: One - look for another publisher. Two - give up and tell everyone that I once was a published author or; Three - self publish Beyond The Horizon. Here are my top ten reasons I chose the last option.

     10.  I have more control over how my work is presented.
       9.  No pesky contracts.
       8.  I'm learning something new, which is a good thing at my age.
       7.  I've discovered friends with hidden talents like cover design and editing.
       6.  I'm finally going to have a print copy of my book for myself, friends, and family.
            (BTH was e-book only)
       5.  I'm testing out different ways to sign my autograph.
       4.  I can still say I was traditionally published - although I don't think that carries as
            much weight as it used to.
       3.  I can work at my own pace and set my own deadlines.
       2.  I can keep more of my royalties. Yea, money!

       And the number 1 reason: No more rejection letters!

I will never forget the excitement of FINALLY landing a publishing contract and all I learned along the way. But, publishing has changed and unless you are a celebrity like Bruce Jenner, with a tell all book, or a well established author, the big houses aren't interested. And the small publishing companies are struggling.  

If you are like me and just have a story begging to be read, self publishing might be our best option. 



Friday, May 1, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Some Updates and Other Stuff

A couple of Friday's ago, I wrote about my attempt at finding a new hangout. Well, after three weeks of exhaustive research - ha ha - I'm sad to report I haven't found a new bar home. I've tried out 7 different places and none of them feel right. The bar stools are not comfortable, their happy hour sucks, or their service sucks or I don't feel like the employees or the patrons are interested in getting to know me at all.

I've thought about giving up. But, I'm afraid going home from my brain numbing job everyday and staring at my four walls will eventually drive me more insane than I am.

Now, on the book front - my publisher is officially closed as of today. But, it's okay. My friend, who is awesome at creating book covers, has already sent me several to choose from. I received my rights back for my contemporary romance Beyond The Horizon, so now all I have to do is make sure the formatting is good for Kindle and move forward. I hope to have a re-launch in the next week or so.

I'm also attempting to write a short mystery for this contest:

I've never written one of these type stories, so it is a bit challenging. It's no more difficult than finding a new hangout. I may not be a professional bar locator, but I am a professional writer.