Friday, May 15, 2015


What's out???? The lights, the gas tank, my pet tiger?

No silly. My book Beyond The Horizon is back up on Amazon with a new cover and a whole new attitude. Can't you see it taunting you, tempting you. "Buy me, read me, enjoy me, and then leave a glowing review!

And, hopefully soon, a print copy will finally be born. It's every author's dream to hold her baby in her hands (and not on an e-reader).

Now that my shameless self-promotion is over, let's move on to more enjoyable stuff.

With summer just around the corner, I thought a survey would be fun. You can find it over there on the right. Results will be discussed next Friday.

If you're killing time at work, you might want to visit this page and meet new authors including myself.

Update: I'm over trying to find a new hangout. I've been through the whole loss process. Anger, depression, mourning, etc. I feel much better and less needy. Plus, who knows with the money I save, I may be able to enjoy a summer activity of my own!

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