Friday, January 31, 2014

FRIDAY STIR FRY - What to do?

More Questions

I've got lots of questions swirling in my head right now. What is the meaning of  life? Why do I procrastinate? When can I retire? Why is the sky blue? And finally, what should I do with my book?
It has been with a publisher since the last of November while I patiently waited for a reply as per their guidelines. (I think I've mentioned I hate publisher guidelines). I sent a follow up e-mail again per their instructions last week. Haven't heard a word. So, what do I do? Should I re-submit to another publisher? Should I query another agent? Should I publish on Kindle? Or should I just give up on it?
 The Kindle option is tempting but seems to involve quite the learning curve. Not sure I have the time or patience. Plus what about cover art? Pay someone or muddle through that on my own?
 I don't want to give up on it either. I think it's a story that needs to be told.


Friday, January 24, 2014


Glace Sur Saint-Maurice

It's cray, cray, cold.

Most of you already know this. Even people in Florida are shivering in their swim suits. Somebody really pissed off Mother Nature. Probably all of us with our stupid fossil fuel and trash piles and cow farts and lost ships with cannibal rats and bad boy Beiber.

Let's all chant together - January is almost over. Spring is around the corner. We can do this. Go team!

Excuse me, I need more coffee.

Ahh, that's better.

How are you coping with this stupid weather?

Friday, January 17, 2014


Green Dragon Stock Photo

This is one of my co-workers last day. She's been here 19 years. And this is it. She's not retiring, just quiting to pursue other avenues. To say I'm jealous would be an understatement. I'm green with envy. I probably look like that dragon.

It got me thinking about doing the same thing. I have a small pension that might last a few years if I'm careful. I could move into public housing with little or no rent and no utilities to pay. But, then I got to thinking about health insurance, car insurance, renters insurance. Damn insurance.

What would I do with all that time? Write, write, write. I could develop my voice. I could self publish. I could take creative writing classes. The possibilities when time is not an issue seem endless.

Instead, I'm bidding farewell to a friend and day dreaming of a time I can follow in her footsteps.

What would you do if you had the time?   

Friday, January 10, 2014


Gavel 4

After serving two years as president of one of my writing groups, Sleuths' Ink, I'm done. Whew!

Don't get me wrong, they are a wonderful group of people to be associated with. All talented and supportive of each other. It's just . . . well - the responsibility was starting to wear on me. Getting to the meetings early to set up, deciding on the agenda, making sure I reserved the room we use at the library which entailed me staying up until midnight every six months so I could get our e-mail request in a minute after midnight (I'm not a late night person). Signing up volunteers for projects, making sure we had speakers lined up and writing the president message for the newsletter each month.  Not to mention the occasional problem that would crop up.

Good luck to my successor. I, for one, am going to enjoy my freedom. Our meeting is tomorrow and I may not get there before it starts. I'll just slip in and have a seat anywhere I want. And talk out of turn. Take a nap if I so desire.

Now if I could get somebody to take over the treasurer position I volunteered for with my other group, Ozarks Romance Authors.

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment.

Friday, January 3, 2014

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Ahhh, a new year

Pastel New Year 2

Yes, it's that time of year again. When we happily swear we're going to give up something that probably isn't good for us but that we probably really love doing. Like eating fast food (come on, who doesn't crave McD's fries once in a while). Or smoking. I rarely hear a smoker say they hate it. They may say they need to quit, but they enjoy those cigs. And the biggie - losing weight. I get as sick of the weight loss commercials this time of year as I do Christmas music by December 25th.

This year the only thing I'm giving up is Keno. I love gambling but it's not a very good investment strategy. Especially when you're as big a loser as I am. So, I guess what I really mean is I need to get my financial house in order. Sorry kids of the State of Missouri schools where Keno proceeds supposedly go. I'll make it up to you some other way.

A positive commitment I've made - write every day. Just get in the habit. It doesn't matter how much or how crappy, just write.

Two days into this year and I'm golden on both. Yeah!

How are you doing on your resolutions or do you even bother?