Friday, August 21, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - People Are Weird

With all the dysfunctional people in the news this week, from Jared Fogle to Josh Duggar, to Bill Cosby, I got to thinking about the way people behave and how you just never know.

Although as far as Duggar goes, who didn't see somebody weird coming out of that dysfunctional group? Having all those kids in this day and age, just isn't right. Consider for a moment, those kids are probably going to birth a bunch of brats. I don't do math, but the number probably could be in the several hundreds. With human population threatening to destroy the planet and the resources needed to sustain that large of a family, their behavior is not only crazy, but irresponsible.

As far as the other two go, I can only come to the conclusion that having money doesn't give you morals. In fact, sometimes it seems to remove any sense of decency you do have.

On a final note - all this sure makes my writer brain tingle with possibilities. Thanks weirdos!

Friday, August 14, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Planning A Writing Weekend

Every week I tell myself I'm going to do nothing but write all weekend. And then life happens or I just get lazy. But, this weekend, I'm devoting myself to my writing. Period.

All my other obligations are taken care of. I've done well with promotion this week, so I don't feel pressured to do that. My writer group meetings are over for the month. Everything else can wait. Grocery shopping can wait. Bill paying can wait. Laundry can wait. What do I need clean clothes for anyway? Cleaning house can certainly wait. Nobody there but me and I've grown fond of my dust bunnies. I may even start naming them. Any suggestions?

But just to make sure those obligations aren't going to be calling my name, there's a new coffee shop my laptop and I will be checking out. And a few others on my list when I get tired of sitting in one place. Heck, I may spend my whole paycheck (which won't take long) on coffee and scones. 

My goal: To come close to finishing my second novel. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 7, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Plans and Such

I'm starting to plan for my retirement from the work place I like to call Hell. I won't be able to draw benefits for a couple more years, but you can never plan too early, right. Plus it's the carrot dangling off the end of the stick to keep this old mule kicking.

One of those plans kinda came out of nowhere. I have done some Beta reading for a few writer friends, with suggestions on improvements. One of them told me I'm really good at it and should start doing it professionally.

I must admit, I like the editing process. Most authors hate it. I, on the other hand, find coming up with the story and first draft hard. Fixing stuff is more fun. I'd really never thought of doing it for money. Hmmm, could I? Should I?

If I could get an editing business going, it would help out when I retire since Social Security isn't all that secure. I'm doing some research now and coming up with ideas for a business name. The first one I thought of is a take off this blog - An Editor Called Wanda.  Some others - Need Edits? - Novel Edits -  An Editor And A Novel  -  Red Pencil, Will Edit.

What do you think about these or do you have any suggestions?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - These Are A Few Of the Things I Love
I decided to write about some things in life I love. Let me just preface this by saying - this is not easy for me folks. A lot of people think I am pretty negative. I tend to think I'm realistic. I hear you laughing. Shut up.

I love being off work on a work day. It feels like playing hooky from school except I'm getting paid for it.

I love how people who don't really know me at work, fear me. And the people at work that do know me, keep the secret that I'm really a nice person.

I love the fact I wrote a book and it got published.

I love the fact that when my publisher closed shop, I learned how to self-publish so my book is still out there.

I love that I've met so many supportive and wonderful friends by belonging to writer's groups in my area.

I love summer. Don't go away, please, please, I'm begging you.

I love baseball. Go Cards!

I love beer. Nothing like a cold beer, at a bar, talking to strangers, to make you feel alive.

And finally, I love my son and I can't wait to welcome his son into my unhappy life sometime around Christmas.

Please tell me what you love.