Friday, August 7, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Plans and Such

I'm starting to plan for my retirement from the work place I like to call Hell. I won't be able to draw benefits for a couple more years, but you can never plan too early, right. Plus it's the carrot dangling off the end of the stick to keep this old mule kicking.

One of those plans kinda came out of nowhere. I have done some Beta reading for a few writer friends, with suggestions on improvements. One of them told me I'm really good at it and should start doing it professionally.

I must admit, I like the editing process. Most authors hate it. I, on the other hand, find coming up with the story and first draft hard. Fixing stuff is more fun. I'd really never thought of doing it for money. Hmmm, could I? Should I?

If I could get an editing business going, it would help out when I retire since Social Security isn't all that secure. I'm doing some research now and coming up with ideas for a business name. The first one I thought of is a take off this blog - An Editor Called Wanda.  Some others - Need Edits? - Novel Edits -  An Editor And A Novel  -  Red Pencil, Will Edit.

What do you think about these or do you have any suggestions?


  1. That's a great idea. I like An Editor Called Wanda. It's cute and fun. I wish I had mad editing skillz. I still don't know where all those commas go or how you even learn.

  2. If you can pull it off, great. With any business, it takes a while to build up. If you start now, you could possibly have one by the time you retire.

  3. I agree with Allison, An Editor called Wanda. Good luck