Sunday, July 22, 2012


As much as I hate snow, doesn't that look refreshing! That was taken in my backyard a couple of winters ago. I thought with this horrible heat wave most of us are suffering through, it might be nice to realize it's temporary. Much like other things in life. Including life itself. Did you ever read the book "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"? It's full of good reminders and lessons in patience for all of us.

Speaking of lessons, I'll be using my own pictures from now on for your enjoyment. I found out a blogger friend got sued for using a Google Image, which is what I used to do. So, since I don't want to be sued, you'll only see my horrible attempts at photography from now on. Sorry about that, but they might be good for a laugh.

I hope the people in Aurora Colorado can learn to laugh again. Such a tragedy. I was perusing Facebook today and there are so many opinions from my acquaintances about gun control. The only thing I'm going to say is nobody should be able to purchase a semi automatic gun. What - Bambi might get away if you have to reload? That's all.

Try to stay cool and stay calm wherever you may be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


To be honest, one of the reasons I really started to pursue my writing with passion is because in America today, there is no security. Certainly not when it comes to our jobs. Don't get me wrong. I love creating stories and the whole writing process. But, let's face it - it would be nice to make some money doing what I love.

When my mother and father were in the work force, the older they got, the more valuable they became to their employer. Experience, wisdom, reliability was worth something. No more.
Especially in a right to work state like Missouri. You can get canned for no reason.

Yesterday, I worried.  To those who don't know me, I'm not a worrier. My motto has always been - worrying is wasted energy. But yesterday, I had this dread build up in me. "What would I do if I lost my job?" I'm old, I'm a bit crippled. I'm fat. I have no savings to speak of. What would I do?

Then today, a dear friend of mine who is about 20 years younger than me, lost his job. Were my feelings yesterday connected to him? I don't know. What I do know is, it made me madder than hell.
The people that fired him, picked his brain for his knowledge for 6 months and then wham, slam, bam, thank you man, you're gone. Just like that. No discussion as to what they could do to fit together. No compromise, no 'let's see what kind of future we can mold'. Just, get your things, you're done.

I believe he'll bounce back. He's too good at what he does not to. But it underlined what is wrong with America today. No respect, no values, no compromise.

I hope I can get my writing career going before I get canned because I'm expendable. If not, watch out Zach (my son), I'm moving in.