Thursday, May 17, 2012


I want to tell you about a couple of women who have inspired me this week. The first one is a co-worker Dana Johnston. You can read a little bit of her story here|topnews|text|News

As good as that article is - it only tells part of the story. I watched it unfold over the past two years. I've seen her ups and downs, her highs and her lows. I'd met her husband and her kids. I listened when she needed an ear and I stayed out of her way when she didn't. I even helped her edit a few of her college papers. Words can't describe how much I admire her. The way she handled this hard chapter of her life made me realize I don't have it so bad. So what if I didn't get a book deal. So what if I've lost my MoJo. (see previous post)

The second woman is Cecily White. I haven't know her as long as I've known Dana, but the short time I have, she has also inspired me. Here's a little something about her.

She's probably half my age (I'm guessing, I haven't asked her). She's a college professor, a wife and a mother of two young children. She is the conference coordinator for one of the writing groups I'm in   and secretary for another. And during all that, she managed to write a fabulous YA book, get a wonderful agent and sign a three book deal. Not bad!

I've used every excuse in the book lately to not write, not submit and basically not care about my dream anymore. But, these two women have made me feel a bit ashamed of myself. No more pity party. It's time for action instead of reaction. WE ARE WOMEN - HEAR US ROAR!