Friday, May 8, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Top Ten Reasons To Self-Publish

As I mentioned last week, my publisher closed shop, leaving me with three options: One - look for another publisher. Two - give up and tell everyone that I once was a published author or; Three - self publish Beyond The Horizon. Here are my top ten reasons I chose the last option.

     10.  I have more control over how my work is presented.
       9.  No pesky contracts.
       8.  I'm learning something new, which is a good thing at my age.
       7.  I've discovered friends with hidden talents like cover design and editing.
       6.  I'm finally going to have a print copy of my book for myself, friends, and family.
            (BTH was e-book only)
       5.  I'm testing out different ways to sign my autograph.
       4.  I can still say I was traditionally published - although I don't think that carries as
            much weight as it used to.
       3.  I can work at my own pace and set my own deadlines.
       2.  I can keep more of my royalties. Yea, money!

       And the number 1 reason: No more rejection letters!

I will never forget the excitement of FINALLY landing a publishing contract and all I learned along the way. But, publishing has changed and unless you are a celebrity like Bruce Jenner, with a tell all book, or a well established author, the big houses aren't interested. And the small publishing companies are struggling.  

If you are like me and just have a story begging to be read, self publishing might be our best option. 




  1. Replies
    1. This post was pretty easy to write. The reasons just kept coming.

  2. I agree. Self publishing allows you to thumb your noses at the publishers.