Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life and sports

I like sports. Pretty much all sports except Nascar which is just a bunch of guys (and now 1 girl) turning left and a bunch of fans waiting for a crash. Oh, and I'm not crazy about pro basketball. That's just a bunch of guys going back and forth and dunking. Other than that, I'm pretty much in. I'll watch golf, tennis, soccer (yes soccer), horse racing (yes that's a sport, the sport of kings actually, look it up) college basketball and pro football. (not really into college football, but I will watch it - note to NCAA - get rid of the BCS).
Maybe it's my only child upbringing and the fact I had to devote equal time to womanly interests and manly interests. I wasn't so much into laundry and cooking. I liked fishing with my dad. But I've quit trying to figure it out a long time ago. One of the advantages of age.
My favorite sport is baseball. Maybe because I'm a little bit lazy. It's a slow game. It's my speed. People who don't watch it just don't understand. They don't get the nuances. The signals from the dugout, the positioning of the players, the signs between the catcher and pitcher. It's really quite a complicated game that looks easy. Kind of like life. Easy. You breath in, you breath out. but it's everything between those breaths that matter.


  1. I'm a horse racing fan myself. I remember watching the year Charismatic was predicted to win the Triple Crown. I was on the edge my seat the entire time and I think I cried when he broke his leg. He lived though. The last race I watched was the one where Eight Belles died. That was really horrible.

    I love football too, but my husband hates it. Yesterday we went to Pizza Hut and got to watch a little bit while we ate. Oh, I miss it, I used to get so excited about the players. I think the people living around me in my college dorm must've hated me because I used to get loud. Now days I mostly get to go to truck & tractor pulls for sports. I like the trucks, but they usually have way too many tractors. They don't decorate them pretty like they do with the trucks.

  2. Thanks for commenting Becky. You know, I don't think I've ever been to a truck or tractor pull. I've seen tidbits on tv is all. I may have to check one out sometime.