Friday, June 28, 2013

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Congratuations Are In Order


I want to use this Stir Fry to congratulate some of my writer friends who have succeeded in their dream of being a published author. If you're not familiar with any of them I've included links to their blogs, etc. (please don't take offense if I leave anybody out - I'm doing this off the top of my head).

First up - Allison Merritt  This young lady has self published several books and now has contracts from traditional publishing houses for two more.

Barbara Bettis -   This lovely lady is getting her first historical romance published.

Susan Keene - find her on Facebook  This wonderful woman has just had her first children's book published.

Lisa Medley -  This smart lady entered Harlequin's contest "So You Think You Can Write" and has received a contract for her Reaper series.

T. Sue Versteeg - here's a link to Amazon   This talented writer has several published books and just added a collaboration with  NYT Bestselling Author Gemma Halliday.

Cecily White -  This beautiful lady had her first book in the Angel Academy young adult series published this winter.

Pat Tierney  -  just had her suspense novel an Unlikely Hero published.

 Kaye Calkins -   had her Sweet Historical Romance published.

 I am proud to say all of these women are members of Ozarks Romance Authors  a writer's group I am also a member of.   I have learned so much from this group and these women. This post is just a way to thank them all. And maybe one day I'll join their ranks.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Wanda. :)

    "Maybe one day". Pfft. The year is barely half over. Your day is coming, sister!

  2. So many exciting things happening for ORA members. I knew it was a great group to join!

    And, yes, your turn is coming.

    1. When I first joined not much was happening with everyone - then boom!

  3. I'm behind on reading blogs, but what a nice post, Wanda. And congrats to all the ORA members on their success.

  4. They are very talented as are you my friend.