Friday, November 8, 2013

FRIDAY STIR FRY - 50,000 or Bust

Yes, I'm still attempting to do NaNo. I'm behind in word count, but I'm trying not to stress over it. In fact I'm not paying any attention to where my count should be each day. That could be a mistake, but I'm trying it.

My story is not moving along very well, but I am flushing out some of my characters a little more, finding out what makes them tick, what their motivations are. Yes, there will be a lot of editing when this month is done. But, as I've said before I like the revision process.

Luminous Keyboard 4
This is a three day weekend for me because of Veteran's Day. Thank you all veterans out there for your service by the way. Any way, I have no plans except for our Sleuths' Ink writers meeting Saturday. So, I'm planning to write, write, write. Who knows maybe I'll get caught up.
When is your best time of day to write? Are you a morning, night or weekend writer?


  1. Keep going, Wanda! I want to read it when you've done. :)
    I had a couple of days when I was ready to give up, but for now I'm back on track. I like writing at night better than any other time of day. I'm a night person, so it seems like everything is easier to focus on then.
    Have fun at Sleuths!

    1. I wish I could write at night, but after work all I want to do is veg and drink. :-)

  2. I've had a few good bedtime/late night writing sessions when a deadline was looming, but usually my writing time is in the morning. My most productive days are the ones where my husband can take care of the kids and I can just stay in bed and write for a couple of hours before I emerge and join the world.