Friday, August 16, 2013

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Putting It In Perspective


Life happens. Or it doesn't.

My supervisor at work is dealing with her husband's incurable cancer. She's been gone a lot and when she's here, there are a lot of tears and calls to doctor offices. They've been married over 40 years. She will soon lose the only person she has said good night and good morning to every day for most of her life.

I'm sure she is thinking about all the fights she wish never happened and all the missed opportunities to spend more time together. I see the regret in her eyes at times.

It makes me realize my problems are very, very minor.  The rejection letters that are starting to accumulate don't mean a thing. I still have time to keep trying and keep writing my stories.

Time is running out for Erma and Aubrey. Death is knocking on their door and won't go away. 


  1. I'm helping a friend go through a similar situation. It's heartcrushing. It makes you appreciate the little things in life. And it illustrates the power of love. It makes me grateful for what I have and what will be. Life is short.

  2. That is why we must all live every day as though there is no tomorrow. Worry is living in the future. Regret is living in the past. All we have is now, so try to savor it.

  3. How awful for them. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed for any of us. Carpe Diem! Just keep writing.

  4. Nothing changes your perspective on your own problems like seeing someone else with bigger problems. So sorry for what your supervisor and her family are going through. Life can be rough. Enjoy the good times while you can.

  5. Sorry for taking so long to get a response in, but I think you have an excellent point. We could all go at any time. Puts things into perspective all right.