Friday, January 16, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - January Thaw


We are in the midst of a January thaw or what we Ozarkers like to call 'Mother Nature's little joke'. "Ha, ha you mere mortals, winter is not over, the worst is yet to come."

I'm going to ignore her taunting cackle, because it is going to be a nice, warm weekend. One that I really need to spend writing, which unfortunately requires time inside.
Ah the sacrifices we writers make.
I'm doing a NaNo, JaNo, no no. I'm reading my WIP from the beginning and editing as I go. I've come to the conclusion that is the only way I'm going to get a handle on this story and finish it. So I have a pitiful 250 new words so far. But, that's okay. I keep telling myself I'm making progress. Sort of.
I hope.

There's been a lot of talk among my writer friends concerning self-publishing vs traditional. Publishing has changed so much in the last few years. It is more difficult to get a contract with a large company and easier to publish it yourself. Which is the best way to go? My book is with a small press and they did a great job with the editing and cover art. Things I didn't want to handle. They have a good promotional department also. But, do I want to continue on that path or try my hand at doing it on my own?
I'm getting ahead of myself. Need to finish the damn book first.

Last week I hosted my author friend Lisa Medley and her new book. I tweeted the heck out of it and I had the most page views ever. Thanks to everyone who came by. I don't know if it was the tweets, the Google keywords or Lisa's fan base, but something definitely worked. I hope everybody keeps coming back.

I'll quit rambling (at least until next week).



  1. False spring, ugh, I hate the teasing. Not saying I wouldn't take a snow day or two, but I'm really ready for permanent warm weather.

    That publishing conundrum...there's no right or wrong way to go. In either case, YOU will be doing most of the promo. On one hand, with self-publishing, you make the most money (we hit gold on the Cowboy Up Box Set, the payout is unreal, at least to me), but pushing it to reach #1 is A LOT of work. On the other hand, someone else is handling the major decisions with traditional publishing, so it eases some of your burden, but you're not getting the best end of the deal when it comes to the money.

    Maybe it depends on whether you're in it for money or the joy (that's a double-edged sword) of sharing your stories with the readers.

  2. Who doesn't want the money. That's my dream to retire and write. Can't do it without the income. If I go the self publishing route, I'll need a lot of advice. Hmmmm, who should I ask?

  3. Small presses may be the way to go. It's sort of a compromise between the big publishers and self-publishing.