Friday, January 30, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - I'm Back - Sort Of

So, in case you missed me last Friday, I'm back.
I was sicker than a dog on his last leg. Not with the flu but a really bad chest gunk. (yes, that's a medical term. Google it)
I actually stayed home from work two days. I'm never sick. I have tons of sick leave built up. Which is good, I guess, in times like these.

I live alone and have no family in the area and being a single person, the cupboards are pretty bare. Too sick to venture out, I envisioned myself eating stuff not meant for human consumption. (let your imagination run wild) Thankfully, some angel friends brought me supplies: soup, tea, Gatorade, etc. Bless their souls.

All that time at home and I didn't write a lick. Just couldn't wrap my brain around anything except coughing, blowing my nose and daytime TV. I did discover something that might come in handy for a future book. People who stay home apparently need lawyers. They seem to have numerous car accidents and need to fight the insurance companies for the compensation they deserve. They also need lawyers to fight for their social security disability. They have all kinds of diseases that require a lawyer to sue the pants off whomever made them sick. Poor people. I hope they find the help they so desperately need.

I, on the other hand, am back at work. If I could find out who gave this gunk to me, I might look up one of those lawyers.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. BTW, you should always keep canned soup on hand. You just never know. And tea. Always have tea on hand.

  2. I know I should keep emergency food but I just can't ever seem to do it. I will never survive the zombie apocalypse.

  3. I'd survive a zombie apocalypse because I haven't got a brain. Even brainless twits like me know they eat brains. Glad you are feeling better! Shirley's right - keep soup on hand, or TV dinners. Even though you don't get sick often, we might someday have a record blizzard and snow ice cream just doesn't fill a person up.

    1. Liz, have you ever noticed that even if you have food on hand, whatever it is just doesn't sound appetizing?