Friday, April 10, 2015


I'm looking for a new after work/weekend hangout. Mine closed a couple of weeks ago. I went through a time of mourning. Strange you say? No. Here's a little background.

After my divorce about fifteen years ago, of course I wanted to meet people. I was lonely and living with my mother. Not the best of circumstances. So, I started going to Applebee's. I met some wonderful people and made life long friends. Think Cheers and I was Norm. In fact they would sometimes greet me that way. I felt loved and wanted. Of course, I'm not completely naive. They wanted my business. But, those people and that place helped me heal.

Then one day, a new manager decided she didn't like the 'special' way I was being treated and started putting the kibosh on my enjoyment. So, like any other customer, I decided I would take my business elsewhere.

Enter my next hangout. I'm not going to mention them by name because they ended up disappointing me also. I did remain there for about eight years. Again I made some life long friends and I felt special. I even had my own spot where nobody else would sit if I came in.

Let me just state right here and now. People who drink socially are fun to be around. They are accepting of a variety of people and the laughter shared is priceless. Anyway, I ended up leaving there and a couple of friends of mine started operating another establishment. Until two weeks ago that was my home away from home. More friends and memories were made. Then unfortunate circumstances caused the place to close.

Yes I mourned the loss. I miss my bar family. I miss the young kids I gave advice to. I miss the hugs and the smiles. You might be saying (like my son), just stay home and save your money. Not an option. I don't like just going to work and coming home, day after day. And without a place to hang out on weekends, I could go the whole two days without uttering a word to anybody. That's not how I want to live. 

Wish me luck as I try to find a new bar family. I'll keep you updated.

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