Saturday, April 23, 2016


I don't know what to write. That seems to be a pattern with me lately. Thus this blog is a day late - actually several weeks late. So, since I have no clue what to write about - I'm just going to give you an excerpt from my current WIP - Coming Home. Hope you like it.

“Ron,” Jennifer's voice trembled in her ears. “It’s good to see you.” She squeezed the lie out between her teeth as she slung her bag over her shoulder. “I heard somebody bought the Satellite. I didn’t realize it was you.”
“Yep, signed the papers about three months ago.” His smile faded. “Sorry to hear about your mom, Jenny.”
“Thanks.”  Jennifer realized she was going to have to get used to hearing that sentiment for the next few days.
Ron held the motel office door open and motioned her in. “I've got big plans for this place. Of course there is still got a lot of work to do. You'll be happy to know I started by replacing the mattresses.”
"That's reassuring." She felt a sour taste in her mouth. Heat flooded her cheeks as she remembered the last time she was here ... prom night … with Ron, on a lumpy, broken down mattress. Did he mean to reference that night or was it an innocent comment?
He cleared his throat and she noticed a blush cross his cheeks matching her discomfort. “Do you know how long you’re staying.”
“Not really." She shrugged. "As few days as possible but, this is my first time dealing with anything like this, so who knows?"
Ron reached for her hand, then pulled back. "Wow. Is that what I think it is?"
Jennifer fidgeted with the lose ring wishing she'd taken it off before coming to town. "Yes." Her voice sounded faint and far away.
“So where is the lucky guy?" Ron craned his neck to look around her out the windows.
"He had some business to finish up. He should be here in a day or two."
“Must be a rich man to afford something that big and shiny. Looks like you did okay for yourself in the big city."
Something in the tone of his voice made her gut clench. “I did okay for myself by working hard, not by gold digging if that's what you're insinuating.”
Ron cleared his throat. “Sorry. I guess that came out wrong. How about we start over and I'll try to keep my foot out of my mouth." He handed her a pen and registration card. "Welcome to the Satellite Motel. I hope you'll enjoy your stay."
Start over. There's no starting over when somebody you trust hurts you. Jennifer grabbed the pen, scribbled her information down and reached for her wallet. She felt the need to get away from him before things got any weirder.

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