Friday, May 27, 2016


How much time do you think you waste in one day? How about one week or one month? I believe if we could figure it out, we would be a bit sick to our stomachs.

I'm bringing this up because I wasted a whole lot of time this week at my day job without knowing it until today. A person in our department is quitting and we hired somebody from a temp agency to replace her. I'm the main trainer (because let's face it, I know it all :0). Well, the new person isn't going to stay. Now, mind you, we are extremely short handed as it is. Our supervisor is out on sick leave. One of our other staff is also out on sick leave. This leaves 2 of us to do all the work. TWO. I don't have time to waste training somebody who isn't going to stay. It is slow and tedious and my work piles up and I'm too damn old and cranky.

Plus I had plans to write this week. I e-mailed my WIP to myself and I was going to sneak in a few words here and there during slow periods at work. Well, that idea flew out the window along with my patience. Why oh why can't I be rich and stay at home and write? I know there is a hell, because I'm in it.

Oh well, enough bitching. I have a three day weekend and I'm going to glue my butt in my chair and write, write, write.

What are your plans for this weekend? I would love to know.


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    1. Well, that doesn't sound like fun. Hope your pain gets better and you can get out for some fun.