Sunday, December 4, 2011


Time to admit defeat. I didn't finish NaNo. I only made it through the first week and 10,000 words. My writer friends will tell me that's 10,000 more words than I had before November and while that is true, it's not much consolation. I wanted to win again. I wanted a 2011 winner's certificate. I wanted bragging rights!
Where did I lose my way? Hmmm, my excuses are as follows: I didn't like my story and decided to change it halfway through week one. But, the change didn't motivate me either.  I was attacked by a mean cold. I had a hard time just spitting out words I knew I would have to edit out later. But, let's be honest. I was just plain lazy. I didn't want to get up early in the morning and write. I didn't want to take my laptop to work and write during lunch. I didn't want to go home right after work and write. I just didn't want to do it. I took a wrong turn at Lazyville and couldn't find my way back.
I plan on participating in my local writer's group, Sleuth's Ink, Jano project. It's like NaNo, but obviously in January. And there are prizes and write-ins with people I like. Plus , I can finish a story I was working on before NaNo. So all is not lost. I'll get back on track soon. But, this time I might take a map with me.


  1. I don't know if I want to do Jano or not. I need to get through the edits on The Treasure Hunter's Lady, but I really also need to finish The Sky Pirate's Wife so I can start editing it. So many things to do, so little time. I don't know if I want to rush to get SPW done like I rushed to get the beginning finished. So confused...

  2. All is not lost, Wanda. 10,000 words is nothing to sneeze at. Did you finally decided you could fix your story? Or will you be starting from scratch?
    I've got so many unfinished projects, I'm afraid I"ll die and have ten unfinished novels in the closet. Think I might need to EDIT instead of write in January. But who knows?