Thursday, December 22, 2011


My son graduated college this past weekend. After 12 years, three moves, three colleges and one divorce, he earned (and I do mean earned) his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas. I'm sure any parent who has attended their child's graduation ceremony will agree with me, it was a very proud moment. I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't stop the tears. Even though he's a grown man, I saw all the years of his childhood pass through my memory. His first word, his first steps, his first day at school, his first hit in baseball, his first goal in soccer, his time as Drum Major. They all played on the big screen of my memory bank. It was a very emotional day, full of laughter and friendship. There was also a bit of regret on my part that I wasn't able to help him more. You see, his sophomore year at his first college, his father and I divorced. I didn't have the monetary resources to help him anymore and my emotional support was probably lacking a bit also. I thought of all those other parents who stuck together and aided their children with their college expenses and I felt a bit ashamed. But, perhaps he is a stronger man because of that. He's learned how to survive, that's for sure. So to all the new graduates out there - congratulations on a job well done, whatever path you took to get there. Now go out and make this world a little better.


  1. Boy, he did earn that degree! A big congrats to Zach and to you, proud mama. Nice memories.