Friday, September 13, 2013

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Support Local Business


I bought a CD today. WHAT! Yep. Felt good, too. And I didn't buy it on Amazon. I bought it at a local store, CD Warehouse. In case you didn't know, it's shop small business weekend. I think it's important to support our neighbors. Plus I really love a song on this CD, so it was a win, win. And it sounds great on my new car's sound system.

I have an i-pod and I download from I-Tunes but there's something better about a CD. The art work and the words to the songs are included. And you can hold it in your hand. It's not something in a cloud somewhere.

I also visited ABC Books and bought a . . .  book. WHAT! Yep. Felt good, too. I have a Kindle, but there's still something about a real book that makes me happy. And I could tell my business was appreciated.

I also plan on eating and drinking local tonight at Trolley's.

I can't remember the last time I went to the mall or ate at a chain restaurant (except fast food).

And speaking about buying local, we all need to support our local authors. Two great opportunities coming up in Springtown. ORACON 2013 Sept 21   
And Wordfest Sept 27 & 28!/

Hope to see a lot of you at both of these events.

Do you shop and support local businesses? Please share.


  1. I've eaten at the local gas station 3 out of 5 times this week. They're running out of ice cream sandwiches because of me. I hope they appreciate my money, because my waistline does not appreciate their snacks. And I also saw that the little cafe I used to eat at all the time is open again, but now it seems they just serve dessert and coffee. I'm in so much trouble now... I wonder if they have pie?

    1. Yum - Pie. I'll have a slice of cherry.

  2. Yay for shopping local! Since I'm a small business owner, I have to be a fan. :)

  3. Does Walmart count? I live there. There's a neighborhood market within bike-riding distance. I also love B&N. Like you I have a Kindle, but I still buy "real" books.

    I also like Renaissance Books & Gifts in Springfield. I go there to buy CD's for relaxation. Otherwise, I love my ipod and rockin' to the oldies.

    1. Sorry Shirley. Walmart in my opinion doesn't count. I do my best not to go there at all. I could get on a soap box, but I won't. I love Renaissance too. It always smells nice. And we kinda have to support B&N don't we.