Friday, September 19, 2014

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Conference Time!!!


It's conference time for one of my writing groups

I love going to this event. We always have great presenters, inspiring and motivational content and great networking opportunities. It helps rejuvenate my muse. 

The last few years I've helped with the planning because I've been on the board - two years as secretary and this year as treasurer. It's fun and exhausting at the same time. But we have great volunteers and everyone wants this day to be a complete success. 

Four years ago I pitched to a New York agent and she requested my manuscript. What a thrill. I was so nervous, my voice shook and cracked as I gave her the summary of my novel Beyond The Horizon. After she said she wanted to see it, I walked on air the rest of the day. Unfortunately, she ended up leaving her publishing house and they sold and my book came back. But, I will never forget that thrill.

The next year: 

Not so good.
The agent I pitched to was less than thrilled with my story.
In the critique session with a published best selling author, she ripped me a new one for my choice of language and references to characters in a bar scene.
And then the final blow was a critique of a query letter I submitted for the Query Letter Gong Show.
It also got ripped apart.

But, I learned something even from that conference. I better get a thicker skin if I was going to succeed in this business. 

This year, I'm not pitching but I am getting a professional head shot from        Wish her luck trying to make me look pretty. :-)

Do you enjoy conferences or do you see them as a waste of time?


  1. What I don't learn from the sessions I learn from the talented people I meet. It is a win win situation.

  2. I'd love to go but I can't get away this weekend. As to the editors' opinions, you need to take them with a grain of salt to some extent. I had a short story in which one publisher wrote a detailed note on why it didn't work but the next publisher loved it and bought the story.

  3. I've gotten a lot out of it every year I've gone to ORAcon.