Friday, September 26, 2014


Well ORACON 2014 has come and gone. What a whirlwind. The volunteer, board and speaker dinner Friday night didn't end until 9:30. Then I had to be at University Plaza at 7:15 Saturday morning to start checking people in. I'm still a little tired. And since I'm treasurer, I'm working on tying up final income and expenses.

I never liked going to conferences for my regular job. Probably because I hate it and I'm not crazy about my co-workers. This conference is totally different. I always come away inspired and in awe of all the talent in the writing community. Everyone is ready to share experiences and offer support.

We had a good turnout (around 90) with some new people attending, which is always a positive.

And drum roll please . . . I won 2nd place in the Weta Nichols contest. This is not a small feat. Our contest receives entries from all over the country. I think there were around 20 contestants in my category, contemporary romance. Liz Pelletier of Entangled Publishing was the final judge and she said to send her more. Yea! Now all I have to do is write it. :-)

Several of our members finaled which just goes to show how gifted they all are.

Planning will get underway for next year's conference soon. No rest for the weary.

Did you go to ORACON and what did you take away?

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  1. Congratulations! We do have a lot of talented members in our group. And I'm still recovering from ORAcon, as well. I need a day to sleep!