Friday, October 3, 2014


I'm going to deviate from my usual writing related posts because -

The St Louis Cardinals are in the post season again! 

And they are my team.

But, wait just one minute.

I live in Missouri and we have another team in post season play. Congrats to the Royals. Although I'm a Cards fan, I'll cheer for the boys in blue. Until, that is, we should happen to meet again in an I-70 World Series. Then I'll be all red. And this time we'll win.

I've been a Cardinal fan all my life. One of my earliest memories are of dad and me listening to the games on his transistor radio on sweltering summer evenings. And one of our first family vacations was to Busch Stadium to watch a game in the early 60's. Perhaps that's why they are my team; those precious memories from childhood.

Springfield is my hometown and although we are closer in distance to KC, our town is predominately red. It helps that we have a Double A Cardinal team here, but the history of the Cards and Springfield goes way back. You can see more here:

There was a survey last week that stated the Cardinals and their fans are the most hated in baseball right now. Mainly because we are so good and the fans are so loyal. Well, excuse us. But, that's exactly the ingredients which make a solid franchise. So while you haters are sitting at home waiting for winter, Cardinal Nation will be savoring every bit of October. Because that's what we do.

Go Cards!


  1. GO CARDS! Or as my dad would say, "How about those Cards?" I'll be rooting tonight. Got on my Cardinal pajama pants. (and it's only five thirty - it's cold outside. )

  2. Great game! Hope I can stay up late enough tonight.

  3. I have very similar memories of listening to Cards games on a transistor radio as a child, only it was with my grandmother.