Friday, October 17, 2014


Yep, I'm going to do this again. Just shoot me now.

You may be asking yourself why I put myself through this if I would prefer to be shot? The answer is complicated but, I'll do my best to explain with a list. Who doesn't like lists?

  • This is how I finally wrote my first novel. Without NaNo, I might still be saying "I want to write a novel someday".
  • They are such a supportive group and they provide some terrific pep talks from famous authors.
  • The forums are both hilarious and supportive. I've actually connected with a few people on Facebook during the rest of the year. 
  • It's free, although donations are greatly appreciated and I always donate $10.00. What a deal!
  • It's a challenge and what is life without a few challenges along the way? Boring.
  • I'm part of something bigger than myself. People from all over the world participate. 
  • NaNo is a not for profit and they promote writing in schools with their Young Writer's Program.
There you have it. Reason's why I'll be a little dazed and confused this November. Just pat me on the shoulder and hand me some coffee and I promise not to kill you in my novel. Maybe.


  1. Thanks Terri - You may have to remind me that in November!

  2. LOL, great post! We can do it! Really... we can... I think. OMG, I'm an ML. I have to do it!

    1. Man I don't know you write and handle ML duties. More power to you.