Friday, October 10, 2014


So, I'm going to be grand-dog sitting again. Isn't he cute! Kodi is his name. He's a Heinz 57. I think there is part Chow in there because of his hair and color. I've heard Chows can be mean and/or possessive. He is neither. The only person he barks at is the mail man. Most of the time you can find him like this:  Just being lazy.

         He's a good dog and I really don't mind watching him for my son and daughter-in-law, but it does take some adjustment on my part. Like getting up before I want to because he needs to go out. Or going home right after work to let him out. He also likes to be petted - a lot. And I can't eat in front of him because of his sad, begging to feed him eyes. He is good company though. And I do feel a little safer with him around.

People often ask me why I don't get a dog or cat. See above paragraph. Too much work. I like my freedom. Besides I can't keep plants alive. What kind of chance would a living, breathing creature have? I'm always relieved when the kids come get him and I've managed to keep him alive.

One good thing - because I spend more time at home while he's with me, I usually get more writing done. So here's to a productive week!


  1. He looks part Chow. We used to have one. VERY possessive. But he was a full chow. So are you home today? Better get some writing done. Perfect day for it.

  2. He is adorbs. Give him kisses for me.

    1. Sorry Allison, I don't kiss dogs or let them kiss me. Yuck!