Friday, February 27, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Writing and Other Stuff

Winter still has a stranglehold on us. Barely above zero today and this weekend - snow, freezing rain, sleet, regular rain. They keep saying Spring is just around the corner. I think it wasn't looking when it tried to cross the street and got ran over by a bus.

So my big plans for Saturday and Sunday - writing and editing.
(and let's be honest - probably some Netflix)

That's my plan, but as we all know, the best laid plans and such. I need to finish a 750 word story for Sleuths' Ink quarterly contest. It would help if I could figure out who dun it. I'm also putting together and editing some of my short stories for a secret project. More on that later. And, of course, I'm still struggling to finish my second novel. That sucker is killing me. 

And speaking of killing, 9 people, including the shooter, dead this morning in a small town about 90 miles from here. What the hell is going on? That's close to 20 people killed in and around this area in the last two weeks. Many of them are being blamed on domestic violence. It is a well known fact this part of the country is a hot bed for abuse. But, I've never seen anything like this. Yesterday our state auditor shot himself. So disturbing and sad. 

My book, Beyond The Horizon, deals with an abusive relationship but at least there is a happy ending. Not for these poor people and their families. 

Perhaps cabin fever is playing a role in all this. Another reason for Spring to hurry up, please. 



  1. I can't believe after today, no sun until next Thursday. Depressing. I hurt for all the victims and their families. So much hate and disorder. I am going out to lunch and store up on fat to make it through the next week, then the grocery store and come home and work on editing my WIP. Nothing wrong with me that $ 110K in small unmarked bills and a week in the sunshine wouldn't cure.

    1. I'll take some of that money please. And the sunshine if it's 80 degrees and not 20.