Friday, September 25, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Conference and Book Signing

I look nervous. There was no reason to be. I was surrounded by lots of writer friends. We were set up at a library, which is a familiar atmosphere. I think my table looked nice. I think I looked presentable. Sold a couple of books. All in all it was fine. Won't do it again.

I'm not comfortable sitting at a table and smiling and greeting strangers as they walk by. I wasn't pushy. I didn't scream at them, "Buy my books." But, I still felt uneasy. Kinda like a homeless person standing on the street corner, begging for money. Just felt weird.

I had an author table at the conference, also. It didn't feel as weird because everyone there was a writer or attempting to be. A lot more familiar faces and a more accepting group. Sold a few more books. Won't do it again.

I'd rather sit in the audience and relax. I did enjoy sitting next to my good buddy Allison Merritt. My two books looked tiny next to her five or six published books she brought (and she didn't even bring all her work).

For some reason, this ORACON felt a little off to me. Don't know if it was a disconnect with the presenters, or sitting at lunch with people I didn't know, or sitting at my author table.

The pitch I did to Candace Havens with Entangled Publishing was even a little weird. I handed her my business card and she said she didn't take cards. But, then I pointed out mine had a charm attached, and she took it. My main male character cheats on my main female character thus causing her to leave town. Which is really the whole reason for the book. After the pitch, Candace stated that Entangled doesn't do cheaters. Hum. Okay. But, if I could change that, she would be interested. Yeah, I'll work on that.

All in all, though, it was a good couple of days surrounded by like minded people. Better than "my pay the bills job" any day.


  1. I never thought about it like that, but we are kind of like homeless people begging for money. Book signings are not my favorite kind of events, ever. I feel so awkward. I can't even sum up one of my own books in a clever sentence to interest people. I might as well wear a sign that says, 'Introvert. Please avoid eye contact'.

    It was fun though. My first time doing at table at ORAcon. Loved sitting with you!

    1. And thanks for all your help. This old lady really appreciated it.

  2. Why won't you do it again? You're surrounded by authors/friends. Even if you don't sell a lot (or any), it's always fun to hang around authors. Fun, interesting people. You WILL do it again. You know you will.