Friday, October 16, 2015

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Jack Of All Trades

For the next meeting of one of my writer groups, they asked that we all bring a short presentation on something about writing or marketing that we are an expert about. In other words, our vice president couldn't get a speaker.

I don't consider myself an expert at anything. I know a little about a few things. Like my father-n-law used to say: "I know just enough to be dangerous."

I don't have an English degree. Heck, I didn't even attend college. So, I don't know all the grammar rules. I get lost when people talk about adverbs, prepositions, and dangling modifiers. My eyes actually glaze over. I know just enough to muddle through with the help of a dictionary and spell/grammar check. And thank goodness for editors.

I'm a pantser, so I don't do outlines. I know a little about story structure and arc but, not all the specifics. I mostly feel my way through a story. It's needs a beginning, a middle, and an end.

I know a little about marketing - how to use Twitter, Facebook and blog interviews. But, certainly not enough to teach any of it.

I wrote a good book, found a publisher, lost that publisher, and self published. But, there's nothing I can teach about any of that. A good number of members have written and published a lot more than me.

I would just skip this meeting, but writer meetings are kind of the only social contact I get on the weekends. And since I'm chairman of a committee, I need to give a report.

Maybe, I'll just ignore the request. Sorry, I forgot. That's something I'm pretty good at, especially as I grow older.


  1. Well, obviously you can't use that plan now, because you just SAID you were gonna say your forgot. I'm a witness. You have a great blog. Why don't you tell how you come up with your posts. They're always interesting. See, you DO know something. Imagine that!!!

  2. Great idea Shirley except for the fact I never know what I'm going to blog about until that day. No insight there.