Friday, November 20, 2015

Well, I gave up on NaNo - again.

I just couldn't keep up. I don't have the energy I had ten years ago when I first did NaNo. And, I don't think I have as many functioning brain cells as I did back then.

I tried getting up early to write before work. I managed that a few days, but my brain just wouldn't function that early. I tried writing at work, but then damn work would get in the way. I tried writing as soon as I got home from work, but again, my brain just wouldn't cooperate. After dealing with stupid people all day, my mind didn't want to deal with my stupid characters. And I found myself resenting having to write all weekend to catch up.

So, I quit.

But, on the bright side, I managed almost 20,000 words. Some of them are good, others are headed to the recycle bin. So, thanks NaNo for that.


  1. I think there is a time limit to NaNo, Wanda. I think I'm almost there, too. I'm doing some really good writing. I love doing it. But I want to do something else. Like publish a book, or two or the seven nanos I've written?

    So, don't be hard on yourself. For the average person, 20K words is an enormous success. You're above average.

    I've been where you are. They just told me I've got severe sleep apnea. So, I'm hoping when they get me the C-pap machine I'll feel better. Don't know if you've been checked for that but you sound so much like I did when I was working.

    Take the new words and go with them.

  2. For me, 2000 words equals about five hours. With a full-time job, I can see why you couldn't keep doing it for 25 days. I say 25 days, because I HAVE to take at least one day off per week, and family demands to have Thanksgiving. ;)

  3. Who says you have to stop at the end of November? You have 20000 words, that's a great start to a novel. Keep writing!