Friday, August 26, 2016

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Can't Decide

I have to decide today if I want to participate in a book signing. I've only done one other formal book signing and I didn't enjoy it. I'm not much of a social butterfly. I don't like small talk and I felt a little like a fish in an aquarium with people walking by, gawking at me, and whispering "What a strange specimen".

Most of my author friends love doing book signings. They have no qualms about hawking their wares like a carnival worker. They smile and talk and are nice. So ... much ... work.

I don't have a new book to promote but, I guess that really doesn't matter. I still want people to read the two books I have, so this would be a chance to get new readers. Unless, of course, nobody buys; shudder

If I decide to go ahead, I'll need to buy copies of my books and swag and chocolate to give away. Plus, I'll probably need a table cover. I just don't know if I want to fool with it all.

I know to be a successful author, I need to not only write the books, but promote them. I haven't been doing much of either lately.

Decision time.


  1. I hate promoting myself. It. Is. The. Worst. I want to hide under the table instead of sit behind it or stand beside it. I'm basically crap at "selling" myself to passersby. You just need a few key words when hawking a book. It's like (whatever is popular right now) + (whatever else is popular right now), but give it it's own unique spin and then people are like, oooh, I like those things!

    Also, always force people to take things. Here, take a bookmark. Here, take my card. I had a lot of success at VisionCon with pins that had the tagline from the Heckmasters on it. Here, have this pin and a bookmark (I poked the pins through it, so they had to take both. It was a pain in the butt). I got the pins at Pure Buttons for like $24 + shipping for a hundred. It was like $36 total or something.

    Just do it. It's not always a blast, but it's important.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas. I did give away charms attached to my business card. They were popular. Just don't know if it results in any sales. Oh, well.