Friday, April 7, 2017

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Writing and Worry

Recently, a fellow writer friend asked me if I was okay because I hadn't been posting on this blog. Bless her heart. I told her I was tired and the political climate right now had me upset. Perhaps you are thinking what does that have to do with writing? Well, as long as I'm worried about my future – when can I retire, will Social Security be there, and what about health insurance – it is difficult to think of anything to write. Inspiration is hard to come by when you are mired in a cloud of doubt. I guess I really shouldn't worry. Trump will probably get us all blown up anyway.
I did sign up for April Camp NaNo. My intent is to finish the first draft of my second book. But first I needed to read through what I've written so far. I had to get back into the character's heads and remind myself of what I'd plotted out and decide where I need to go. I should finish reading it today. Here's to hoping I can put aside my worries long enough to return to my true passion – writing a story.   

And on a bright note, a co-worker read my book Beyond The Horizon and LOVED IT! Made me very happy. 

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  1. there's always s going to be stress in life. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm in a rut. Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn't. Keep trying