Friday, June 24, 2016

FRIDAY STIR FRY - Common Sense

I have made it a point not to get political on here or other social media.
But, I broke that pledge this last week, because I can't stay silent any longer.
I guess you could say Orlando was the last straw for me.

I've un-friended several people on Facebook. I just don't want to read their stupidity any longer. If the NRA and the 2nd Amendment are so far up your ass you can't be reasonable about some gun regulation, then I don't want to be associated with you. And if I lose some blog readers, so be it. 

I don't care if people own hand guns or hunting rifles. But, no civilian needs an automatic gun or one with a large magazine of bullets. Period. The only reason to own them is to shoot a lot of things fast. And in the last several years those 'things' have become humans. What is wrong with banning the sale of these weapons, especially to people on the "no fly list" or on a terrorist watch list? 

I've heard people say there is no use because there are already thousands and thousands of these guns out there. Okay, here's my reasoning. First of all, when our founding fathers wrote that amendment, they only had muskets. Slow to load muskets with not much range. They are probably rolling over in their graves at the fire power guns have now. Pretty sure not what they intended. 

Secondly, when elephants and rhinos were nearing extinction from the ivory trade, we banned the sale of ivory. Has that stopped all the killing? No, but it sure has slowed it down. A lot. And these animals are making a come back. Are humans any less important? 

We have to start somewhere people. Because this carnage is unacceptable. 

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